S hare Recommendation Half/One Day Tour
Half-Day Tour(including Yilan traffic):
A.Plum Blossom Lake Agricultural Leisure Area tour
→ Sanqing temple(This is a headquarter Daoist temple that is located in Dongshan Township in Yilan county . Built in 1970. From here you can watch Plum Blossom Lake panorama)
→ Plum Blossom Lake- Electric Boat on the lake(About 20 minutes)
→ Plum Blossom Lake-Cycling around the lake (You can go to Lakeside have a cafe and enjoy an afternoon of leisure time)
→ Enjoy Peanuts roll with Ice cream
→ Back to Leisure Farm
※Tour includes: Electric boat tickets, Cycling tickets, Peanuts roll with Ice cream .
B.Center for traditional arts & Dongshan river tour
→ National Center for Traditional Arts (traditional art and architecture, traditional craft, modern theater, traditional old street and snack stalls, etc.)
→ Ride special electric boat to Dongshan River Water Park
→ Dongshan River Water Park free activities (possibility to rent a bike)
→ Back to Leisure Farm
※Tour includes: Dongshan River Water Park tickets, electric boat tickets, traditional Arts tickets.

Half-day Tour Charge Fee:Adult NT$1,320/per、Child(3~12y) NT$1,100/per
One-Day Tour:
A.Watch whales and dolphins & Turtle Island (Mar.~ Oct.)
→ Wushi Harbor Visitor Center (09:00 or 12:30 Around Turtle Island and find whales and dolphins on the board)
→ Wushi Harbor Visitor Center
→ 13:00 or 16:00 Back to departure
※Tour includes: boat ticket, boat guide, mineral water. (Lunch not included) Note: Ship classes will adjust by boat arrangement and climate conditions, the confirmation will be on the day prior departure after registration.

B.Zhentoushan Agricultural Leisure Area tour
→ Zhentoushan Agricultural Leisure Area
→ Wonglungpi Lake
→ Benefical Microbes Museum & Tourism Factory
→ Orange Country Tourism Workshop
※Tour includes: fruit picking + Guide+ fruit Ice Cream Or drink、crystallise kumquat diy.(Lunch not included.)
C.Leisure farm tour
→ Dongshan river to explore the source of Zhongshan Agricultural Leisure Area
→ Zhongshan Visitor Center
→ All day tour visit Zhongshan Agricultural Leisure Area
※Tour includes: Zhongshan Agricultural Leisure Area farm experience/Choose two of them. (Lunch not included.)

D.The beauty of Pastoral tour
→ Sanxing scallion cultural centers
→ Scallion farm (harvest scallion, wash scallion, DIY deep-fried scallion pancake)
→ Countryside landscape (scallion, garlic, Yinliu, general pear→ Sansxing fried meat snacks (self-help)
→ Cyuantoumu Trail (about 1.3KM, roundtrip takes about 1 hours) or Longpi Lake
→ Changpi Old Station (Built in 1921)
→ Hito bakery group
※Tour includes: Experience harvest green onions by appointment. (Group of 2, lunch not included.)

E.Su'ao port tourist town tour
→ Nanfang’ao Bridge (New landmark in the harbor)
→ Doufu Cape (View the seawall, fiord)
→ Neipi Beach (Walking on beach, listening to waves, sand sculpture)
→ Sangang Iron Factory (Nanfang’ao history, old fishing machine tourism)
→ Nantien Temple with Gold Matsu (Pray with the Gold Matsu Goddess)
→ Baimi Clogs Village (Tour the cradle of clogs, clogs painting, making clogs keychain.)
→ Su’ao Cold Spring (Natural carbonated cold Spring)
→ Wuweigang Bird Protection Areas (Bird observation, DIY color stone fish)
→ Yilan cake tourism factory or Siho Food Tourism Factory
→ 17:00 Back to departure.
※Tour fee includes: SanKang iron factory seaweed drinks、DIY clogs keychain、Su’ao cold spring tickets (bathing suit required)、DIY color stone fish.*Baimi Clogs Village is closed on Monday, so this Schedule is changed to coral museum on Monday.(Lunch is not included)

F.Fushan Botanical Garden
→ Fushan Botanical Garden(The largest botanical park in Asia as well as in Taiwan)
→ Shuanglian Reservoir wetland(lake view)

※Closed day of Fushan Botanical Garden:Tuesday and March

※Advance application is required for admission. You can go check admission number.

One-Day Tour A~F Charge Fee:Adult NT$1,650/per、Child(3~12y) NT$1,430/per
G.Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area tour
→ Take the tour bus to the Taiping Mountain National Forest Recreation Area (enjoy a forest phytoncid, drinking coffee, watching the sea of clouds, enjoy the Maple Leaf etc…)
→ Bong Bong Train or Maoxing National Trail or Chinese Hemlock National Trail (choose one of them)
→ 12:00 Lunch in the restaurant
→ Jiuzhize Hot Spring
→ 17:00 Back to departure
※Tour includes: tickets、lunch、coffee、Jiuzhize outdoor hot spring SPA area tickets (bathing suit required) Note: Because the mountain is easy to fog in the winter afternoon (12/01-02/28), so the starting time to 08:00 departure, 16:00 return.

One-Day Tour G Charge Fee:Adult NT$2,200/per、Child(3~12y) NT$1,960/per