F acility   Accommodation
Red gazebo

Sitting in the red-roofed gazebo, encircled by gentle refreshing breeze No matter what is happening at the moment you are spending time in leisure!

Michelia Natural Trail

Came to the mountain and walk amongst the trees
Break out a healthy sweat
As nothing here is artificial or manmade
Each section of the trail is lined with natural greenscape
Surrounded by Michelia Formosan trees that keep a soft, cooling breeze
Let go of all troubles
And simply breathe the restorative forest phytoncid

Bubble Monster

Bubbles bigger than your face; reflecting a rainbow of colors under light; nonstop laughter and sounds of amazement; an endless supply of fun and entertainment! 

Spouting Bowl

The spouting bowl is also called the “lucky treasure bowl”. Rub your hands around the handles until it makes a groaning sound, then the water will start to cloud, vibrate and burst from the surface, and sprinkle you with droplets of good luck!