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Modern Paradise – Shangrila Leisure Farm, Since 1988

The Shangrila Leisure Farm is located 250 meters above sea level in the foothills of Dayuan Mountain in Dongshan Township of Yilan County. The annual average temperature is a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius, and the climate is mild. Guests can overlook the entire Sanxing Plain sitting on the swing inside our facility ground.There are a few light trails for guests to wander around our grounds freely. Take your time and stroll about as you wish, breath-in the freshness and let go the confines of the city. There are many trees and the view is lovely here.

Each season has its own color palettes, and our ground is bursting with eye-catchy shades all year round. Strolling the woodlands, hearing children's laughter, smiling faces everywhere… this is the relaxing life in the countryside. City dwellers, bring your sense of adventure, and come to explore the simple pleasures from the scenic land of the rural.  

Romance is in the air at the Shangrila at night; be it watching fireflies, writing a wish on the sky lantern before releasing it to the darkening sky, or evoking childhood memories of the times when the entire family sat down and made sweet riceballs together. Under the brilliant night sky and intoxicating atmosphere, everybody here is bound to have a big smile on their face. 

 Guest rooms are located up high so as to usher in the beautiful greenscape, sounds of nature, fresh air, and a blanket of stars at night. The most wondrous haven at 250 meters above sea level is a place you must visit. 

Owner: Chin Lai Chang