F acility   Fruit Orchard
Tourism Orchard   ※Admission $NT 250 (including one of four DIY activities - Bamboo Bugle, Rattle Drum, Toy Silkworm or Mini Sky Lantern)

Different fruits and vegetables come in season in different month of the year
You can roam freely in this fruit-abundant orchard
Pick baskets full of sweet fruits with a huge smile
And enjoy the simple pleasures of rural lifestyle

Observation Decks

One of the signature features of the Shangrila Leisure Farming is our uniquely-shaped gazebos that are everywhere on our ground. We understand that travelers may be tired or weary, so please stop in and take the load off, enjoy the fresh breeze and the fabulous mountain views! 

Rope Bridge

It may not be too hard for an adult, but where small children are concerned this is a test of guts and courage. Step on the rickety footboards hung on vertical suspenders, kids can feel the excitement and the challenge as they try to find balance and coordination required crossing it. This bridge is very suitable for a little family fun.

BBQ Area   ※9 tables are available, please reserve yours 3 days in advance

Shangrila Leisure Farm has a very nice area for visitors to have fun barbequing outdoors. What’s better than a feast for your eyes and a feast for your tummy at a very pleasant place to relax!

Please make your reservation 3 days in advance to use the BBQ facility in the Shangrila Tourist Orchard. Resort guests may use the facility for free, non-staying guests must purchase “Tourist Orchard Day-Pass” to be admitted.

Meat and supplies:

$NT3500/set, for party of 10 people

Including: meat slices, sausages, fish cakes, toasts, dried beancurd, charcoal, grill, etc.

Michelia Formosan Nursery

The Michelia Formosan is a tree species native to Taiwan. For centuries, Taiwanese people have turned this gift from heaven into various dailynecessities to make living easier. Along the way, a strong dependency and fondness for these trees have built up.

Hundred of years have passed, and these trees are diminishing… The Luodong Forest District Office and Shangrila Leisure Farming began planting seedlings since October 1980, all 70,000 of baby Michelia Formosan trees,   working and preserving the wholesome values that define the Taiwanese way.

Decades have gone by since then, and the 70,000 seedlings are now big tall trees, covering and protecting Taiwan’s mountains as they once did many years ago!


When you spend time at the Shangrila Leisure Farming, a delightful surprise is found at every turn. We went out of our ways with charming layouts and playful decorations and unspoiled natural beauty, hoping to impress and to satisfy your curiosity.