A ctivitivs  Do-It-Yourself Activities
Bamboo Bugle

The bamboo whistle, also called the “bamboo cicada”, is a toy noisemaker that comes in colorful paper-covers often sold by street venders tied to a straw stick during grandpa days in street festivals or special celebrations. This cute gadget mimics cicada singing that children are deeply amazed by!

Rattle Drum

“Come and get it, hawthorns on a stick!” The street vender, a favorite of all children, is peddling his candied fruits by twisting a rattle drum along the street.

Get your mom and dad to buy your favorite candies from me!

Our instructor uses bamboo and kraft paper to teach you how to make your own rattle drum, so that you can twist it and rattle it whenever you walk down a street. Kids are bound to rush over and ask you for their favorite candies.

Toy Silkworm

A class project when we were young was to raise silkworms and document their stages of development. Now that we are grown, Shangrila has a magic trick to help us get our childhood back.

All it takes is one chopstick, a paper napkin and a straw. Wrap the chopstick in the napkin, then push the straw to make the body move, and voila, you have your very own toy silkworm.

Paint a Top

Spintop, aka tuolou, was an amusement game of court ladies in ancient times, which gained popularity amongst commoners during the Qing Dynasty.

Shangrila Leisure Farm added a touch of artistic flavor to this toy, and made it more interesting. Let us teach you how to turn a top into a work of art. Come and unleash your creativity today!

T-shirt Painting

By taking leaves of different vein shapes and coating them with special coloring ingredients you can make an unique T-Shirt like no other! One that projects your personal style! Come and let your creativity go wild. Never to be embarrassed seeing someone else wearing the same shirt as you. Let’s show-off your creative skills!

Pip Cleaner Pen

Craft your pen with furry pipe cleaners. Be creative, and twist chenille stems into different shapes, maybe into a cute animal or a butterfly, and make you the focus of attention while using it.

Reusable Bag Painting

By selecting leaves of different vein shapes and coating them with special colorants, you can customize your own canvas bag, one that shows off your personal style, and is trendy and edgy! Come and experience the fun of bring your creativity to life!