A ctivitivs   Folk Acitivies
Sky Lantern DIY

The sky lantern was invented by Chancellor Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period, originally used to exchange information between military troops, but later became a vessel used to seek divine blessing after it was introduced to Pingsi Township in Taiwan during Emperor Daoguang’s rein in the Qing Dynasty. It’s said that if one writes one’s wishes on the lantern and sends it airborne into the sky, then the wish will come true!

At the Shangrila Leisure Farm, our expert instructors will teach you the skills of making a sky lantern, and can assure that the lantern carrying your wishes will successfully rise into the air! 

 Workshop and production time is about 40 minutes

Sweet Riceballs DIY

Every household is grinding sweet rice to make riceballs, the symbol of reunion, as tomorrow celebrates the day of winter solstice

In ancient times this celebration was a reminder that celebrators are now a year older and should behave better in the coming year and a symbol of family togetherness, as the riceballs represent joy and ancestral blessings all-around. 

Spinning the Top Competition

A fun game that brings childhood back to life! Do you know how to make the top spin longer? The instructor at Shangrila Leisure Farm is ready to share with you his secret trick and lead everyone in a game of spinning the top, to see whose top can spin the longest. The top finishers in this game receive a free gift from us.

Santaizi, Electric-Techno Neon Gods   ※this performance workshop is only held during suitable weather and for large group of participants

When tradition meets modernity, it gives birth to the lively electric-techno neon gods ~ beep, beep, beep, let the vibrant sounds guide to you experience what parade formation culture is about. Are you ready for some fun?