A ctivitivs   Guided eco-tours at Shangrila
※Tour length: 1 hour
※Fee: NT$ 2000/each session
※3 days advance booking recommended

The Shangrila Leisure Farm is an excellent natural classroom, as the ecosystems here are rich and abundant, including the likes of Taiwanese macaques, tree frogs, fireflies, swallowtail butterflies, and a variety of plants. Guests of all ages are invited to come and learn previous knowledge from nature itself! 

Our efforts in the rehabilitation of fireflies (lightning bugs) are on going. Every year between April and May, guests must not miss the dazzling light displays happening outdoors at night, when many small fires flicker on and off brilliantly. 

These wondrous beetles make the mating ritual of nocturnal insects romantic, because male and female fireflies use flashes to signal identification and social interaction. This fascinating and unique light source is similar to a shooting star or a cute child wobbly carrying a lantern. The firefly has long been regarded as a familiar and extremely appealing beetle, one that is rich in country charm!

The life cycle of the firefly is interesting too, because apart from adults, all fireflies glow throughout egg, larvae and pupa stages. They can truly be called glowworms. Firefly larvae feed on freshwater snails, earthworms and slugs, and use the sickle-shaped mandibles to deliver toxic digestive enzymes to the prey, so as to immobilize and liquefy it, before sucking out the body contents.

Fireflies emerge as adults each year, usually during spring and summer seasons. There are more than 30 species found across Taiwan. The Shangrila Leisure Farm has partnered with the Yilan County Government for the last six years in the restoration these insects and has achieved great success. We invite everyone to come see the delightful light displays and share the joy we feel together!