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Culture Route

.Lanyang Museum
This museum is designed on the concept of “harmony between man and nature”, and showcases Yilan’s natural environment, unique humanities and diverse ecology. Visitors are encouraged to see and feel Lanyang’s vitality through their own perspectives.

.Jimi Park
This interactive space was created by installing artworks taken from three of illustrator Jimi Liao's picture books with the theme "scenes from moments remembered", transforming an uninviting transit station into a venue of wit and joy. Come and join us in the world of colorful illustrations by Jimi Liao.

.Luodong Cultural Working House
In order not to obstruct views from the surrounds, architects suspended the Sky Gallery on top of a building with a huge canopy that is 18-meters above ground, while leaving the middle section to the public, featuring local cultural products market, creative events, and art exhibitions. This is also the venue of the 49th Golden Horse Academy Awards.
Forest Route

.Cilan Forest Recreation Area
At approximately 420 meters above sea level occupying a land more than 1700 hectares, this was a once nursery of Forest Conservation and Enterprise Administration, primarily for the cultivation of tree seedlings. It was later transformed into a forest recreation area with added facilities geared for leisure, dining and lodging. Here is also a great forest bath trail that nature observers must not miss.

.Mingchih Forest Recreation Area
It’s the best summer retreat, up in the mountains with high altitude vegetation and clouds of gossamer fog all year around. With the change of seasons and lush natural scenery and cooling breeze, this is an amazing spot one cannot get enough of.

.Sinliao Waterfall Trail
Hikers can get on this trail from Zhongshan Village, Dongshan Township in Yilan, and follow the Sinliao River up to the Sinliao Waterfall. There are rich arrays of wildlife along the way; and the scenery is natural and primitive. This eco-trail is perfect for the whole family, as it combines functions such as recreation, health and education into one.
Bay Route

.Guishan Island (Turtle Mountain Island)
12 km east of Toucheng Town off Yilan’s coast, this island got its name from the close resemblance to a sea turtle. Its unique geology brought forth many spectacular formations, abundant ecosystems, and rich marine resources. From different views at different locations of Yilan, the shape of this island looks different. Advance application and registration required to visit the island!

.Wushi Port
This port got its name Wushi (dark rock) from a giant black reef rock in the port. It was once the biggest port in Yilan in its golden days. Due to the building of a pelagic port of recent years, which converted the old remains into a memorial park, it is now a popular destination for whale-watching and island tours.

.Neipi Beach
Neipi Beach in Nanfang-Ao, also called the “lover’s bay”, was an area originally settled by the Kavalan indigenous people, and became the second port in the Nanfang-Ao area in 1959. With the ocean turquoise blue and waves sparking on sunny days, this beach is the perfect vacation holiday spot.
Local Dining Route

.Luodong Night Market
Surrounding the Zhongshan Park in the middle of Luodong Township, this night market is open for business all year round. Yilan’s most famous snacks are available here, so is great shopping. Coming to this place is a must-do nighttime activity while in Yilan.
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.Dongmen Night Market
Located beneath the busy Dongguang Bridge, formerly called the Triangle Park by the locals, the Dongmen Night Market with its good selection of food and fashion merchandises is one of the most popular attractions in Yilan City.

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